Vocal Songs of Finland Performance

Located at: Valley Bible Church, Rosburg WA

July 24th, Saturday at 1:00p



Dr. Marja Liisa Kay, recognized for her fearless sense of adventure, is dedicated to the performance and promotion of contemporary classical music of living composers.  Proclaimed a 'tour de force' by soprano Linda Hirst, she has sung with symphonies and premiered principle roles in a number of new operas throughout Europe and Los Angeles. In addition to innovative live performance, Marja works as a studio singer which has included research sessions for the feature film, Avatar with James Horner and Phantom Recording. 

Upcoming projects include research based performances that explore the boundaries of collaboration, found vocal production, the preservation of a dying Americana language, and communication through invented language. Dr. Kay is a founding member of ROMP Ensemble (ROugh Musical Pleasure) and teaches freelance in her personal studio. Marja holds a PhD from the University of York in England, an MFA from California Institute of the Arts, and a BM from Chapman University.

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