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"Preservation Edition" Collection Includes:
•Documentary Feature (92 mins)
"Oyster Farming in a Changing World"

•7-Episode Documentary Series 
"Willapa Bay Oysters"  (over 5 1/2 hrs)
Industry Overview, Growers Stories, Hatcheries, Seed, Planting, Cultivating, Harvesting & Processing.

•Documentary Shorts
"Importing Japanese Seed"
"Catching a Natural Set"
"Oyster Dredging Underwater"
"Working with Family"
"A Filmmaker's Journey"
"Oysterfest Celebration & Speed Shucking"

•Music Video (original song)
"This is Where I Belong"

•Environmental Videos
•Raw Oystering Videos
•Profile Interviews
And MORE...

Willapa Bay Oysters DVD/Bluray Set

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