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Winter Author Series

Russell Wiitala

 Author #1. Thursday February 15th 11:00a


Have you ever had that feeling of

not being "alone" in the woods?  

Are you a firm believer or a bit skeptical

of the possible reality of Sasquatch?

You won't want to miss this opportunity to listen to Russell

as he delves deep into these

controversial, highly metaphysical and mysterious

beings that prompted the writing of his book:

SASQUATCH Shaman of the Woods

Sasquatch Shaman of the Woods by Russell A. Wiitala


   Russell is a retired postal worker living in Raymond Washington. He is a musician, composer, playwright, actor, director and current president of the Willapa Players of South Bend Washington. He is also an avid hiker and camper.  

   When not following creative pursuits he is out in the wilderness, meandering around. 


Russell heard about a family seeing sasquatch soon after retiring and decided at that moment to find out for himself if they exist. His book is an account of the next few years as he first realized they are real and then began finding ways of interacting with them. 

  Slowly, the interaction got more and more bizarre, including UFOs, orbs, elementals, and ghosts, along with the forest people. 


He has learned that, at least some sasquatch have metaphysical powers that are way beyond what we could imagine. As soon as he presented himself as a student to them, he was shown many of their abilities. He's experienced time dilation, time reversal, the Mandela effect, cloaking, portals and so on....  His experiences transformed him from a skeptic/atheist/reductionist to being very spiritual. 

  His interactions and lessons continue to this day.  

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