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100 Years of Logging in SW Washington State. With both historic black and white photos of early 20th-century logging and modern logging shots in color, the book has been well received by local old-time loggers and their families. Bill Wuorinen, 80-year-old retired logger in Naselle, said, "This book is great. I read every word and am very pleased with it." Covering more than a century of logging activities from Nemah through the Elochoman, the book features chapters on Deep River Logging, Wirkkalas in the Woods, Gyppo Loggers, Family Camps, Old Time Loggers, Crown Zellerbach, Weyerhaeuser in Grays River, and a final chapter focused on Jerry DeBriae Logging. Martin Nygaard, an old time Oregon gyppo logger, is also featured in the book because of his years of work in the Salmon Creek area of Naselle The book focuses on both photographs and stories of loggers, logging companies and logging equipment. All are important because while photos give one image, the stories of those who lived b

When Logging Was Logging

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